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CJFS Endowment

CJFS Min-Halev: From the Heart Endowment CampaignGiving Min-Halev:  From the Heart

Over the next 15 years, our older adult population is expected to swell by 50%, with the fastest growing segment being 85+, the "frail elderly." 

Help ensure that CJFS, a trusted resource for nearly 30 years, can continue to serve this vulnerable population. Open an endowment fund benefiting CJFS or contribute to an existing CJFS fund at the Birmingham Jewish Foundation -- or designate CJFS as a beneficiary in a will, retirement plan or insurance policy. 


CJFS of Birmingham iconCLICK HERE to give to the CJFS Endowment through the Birmingham Jewish Foundation.

CJFS of Birmingham iconQuestions? Please contact Elaine Witt, CJFS Development & Outreach Director, 205.879.3438.


 CURRENT CJFS ENDOWMENT FUNDS                                                                                                                                                              (held at the Birmingham Jewish Foundation)